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Friday, April 24, 2009

Veggie Patch Saga Continued

So, end of day 15 in the veggie patch.

I can hardly believe how lucky I have been with the weather. Especially since the harbingers of rain, namely Jean and Margaret, have both been expressing out loud their desire. Last time they did we had the best part of two years non-stop...

I estimate about another three solid days work to go...if my knees hold out.

The muck heap migration has started, now in place for my preparation of the fruit bed.

The rest of the garden is now beginning to suffer from neglect. The rose bed needs weeding, nettles/brambles are re-colonising the high bank and I have a forest of ground elder in LB6/7.

On a positive note it looks as though it could be a bumper year for gooseberries.

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