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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rain Stops Play

Jean phoned on Monday - she had forgotten in the autumn to divide the plants I had expressed an interest in but if I wanted to go over she could do it now. She still had the list we had made last year. So I took over the two geranium divisions in the afternoon. After a walk with the dogs and grandchildren - stopping off to see the 'pet' lambs (very cute) - we did the garden raid. I am very pleased to have taught Jean a country fact - that a pheasant's nest is called a nide. She did have to double-check in the dictionary when we got back indoors...

I got everything planted when I got home. All look fine except for one, but it may still pull through.

I got some bedding plants from Aldi on Tuesday but they are still waiting to be homed. I did start tidying up my pots on Wednesday. Quite a few are cracked/broken - I need to salvage the plants and throw the worst pots out. I have spares now that I have been populating LB12.

Margaret phoned this morning - Paul had mentioned our need for topsoil to her again and she may be able to get some - should find out next Wednesday. This spurred me on to make a start on the veggie patch. So the best part of five hours digging out stones/weeds from mainly clay. The stones are being dumped in the raised beds, but there is a limit to how many are needed for drainage. I have completed the small area that I have earmarked for rhubarb at the back of the steps to nowhere and forked on some of the muck from the large heap up there. Then I continued down the side of the steps. I had just encountered a large rock when it started to rain. I managed to excavate it out of the ground before I made a run for shelter. The current weather forecast for the next seven days does not look hopeful...maybe just as well as I already have a blister/callus on my left thumb :(

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