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Monday, April 27, 2009

On the 18th Day of Digging...

Oh, how I had hoped that today would be the last. But no, the rain gods decided otherwise.

Early morning rain had turned the already muddy patch where the muck heap had been into a quagmire. Very slow progress picking the stones from the gloopy grey mud. And then it started to rain again.

I am trying to decide what kind of soil I have. Normally it is classified on a scale of clay through to sand. But I seem to have clay, sand and clay encrusted sandstone/sand! 

Back out after lunch when the rain had stopped.

I eventually got back to the place where I had failed to remove something buried the day before. The fork had kept hitting it but I could not budge it. I had assumed it was another length of the clay pipe I had been finding, but no. Today I got the fork under the end of it - a wooden post about two and a half feet long...

I battled on until about 6 p.m. despite it raining again and I have now completed it all except the narrow path I had kept as my route out for emptying the bucket of stones.

I will be out there again tomorrow - it must be finished by the end of the day as I have very kindly been offered 10 tonnes of topsoil on freecycle (enough for the veggie patch and at least one of the raised beds) and it is due to be collected on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

It may be worth while considering planting potatoes for the first year of the new top soil in order to clean it out, especially if you do not know its origin (possible unwanted weeds etc.) N.R.

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