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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Year of the Glove

2011 was definitely the Year of the Sock. Nineteen pairs made - two pairs for MIL, one pair for my sister, one pair for Paul and the rest were mine, all mine. Evil laugh...

Sadly three early pairs are no longer with us. The very first pair I made, surprisingly, are still going strong. But pair number 2 bit the dust when the kitchener-stitched toes came apart. Pair number 3, my first attempt at toe-ups never made it to my feet - scrap yarn, socks looked dreadful and were assigned straight to the bin but served their purpose as a learning curve. From this point on all socks have been toe-up. Pair number 4 were fine, but met with a disaster in the washing machine... I have one other pair that almost met the same fate - somewhat felted and shrunk but I could stretch them enough while they were still damp so now they are a tight fit!

The end of 2011/start of 2012 has been all about hands.

My first ever glittens - had a lot of use already on the late night dog walks when Paul is away. My sister requested a pair for her birthday, and they are already done with a different cable pattern.

and mittens - not quite so successful, but used up some leftover yarn from a jumper, and are really warm

and gloves. The saying 'fits like a glove' never applied to my bought gloves which always had a good half inch or more excess finger flopping about. But these fit perfectly, right down to my mismatched thumbs!

Next major project, already underway, is an Aran 'shirt' in a book I have owned for 20+ years but never had the courage to attempt...

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