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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Things About VPTB

Paul has said that my posts on the veggie patch could become extremely boring: more digging, more stones, more rocks...

So something different...

1) Don't spend money on going to the gym - start a veggie plot from scratch!
2) It is more efficient to only two-thirds fill your bucket with stones before emptying it than to fill it to the top - when I can hardly lift it and end up waddling like a duck to the planters to empty it
3) Have a hot bath every evening to ease the aching muscles. I have rediscovered the delights of bubble-bath, and having a water meter is still cheaper than having a gardener
4) Rejoice in the moment the sun comes out
5) Don't worry about reverting to childhood and wiping your nose on your sleeve. Tissues are impractical when your hands are covered in mud...but remember to put your top into the wash...
6) Don't think about how much there is still to do - every forkful done is one less to do. Corollary - no matter how many times you dig an area there are always more stones that you missed :(
7) Don't think about the fact that you don't actually like vegetables that much - like children (so I'm told) it will be different when they're your own. And I will only grow what I like...
8) Don't think about the fact that it will take many years to break-even due to the four tonnes of compost/topsoil that is needed
9) When you need a break take one. Five minutes out is normally enough before I am itching to get back to it
10) Taking coffee out to the worker is more strenuous than the hard labour - Paul's foot hurts :)


Mrs H said...

I can relate to all of that

Henry Yeo said...

where is the compost heap?

ironic moment - password to post: plowly

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