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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extension Part 35

It may be all go in the garden but it's all stop on the extension.

Thomas was here just over two weeks ago glazing the doors. Then he discovered a scratch in the glass of one of them and stopped. A replacement would need to be ordered.

Since then nothing, zilch, bugger all etc.

We had an email from Alan last week. He had a slipped disc and has been flat on his back. Apparently he should be fit after the Easter break. 

We have, however, sorted out the painter/decorator. The first quote we got was over twice the price of the other two. We have decided to go with our contractor's painter, Roddy, as the other two quotes were almost identical and Roddy will be doing the ceiling. But on Paul's suggestion to Tom that the ceiling could be done now while we are waiting for the floor we have heard nothing.

I think it is odds on now that it will be over a year from when the building work started. One month to go. Today is the anniversary of the roof being taken off the cowshed...

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