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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gardening, Gardening and Yet More Gardening

I had been looking forward to this predicted good weather.

Tuesday I continued digging the path at L11. It is more like geology than gardening. I rediscovered the buried stepping stones/path and have been excavating them. I had to dig out two as they were too far down in the soil at a place where I need to get the soil level up, but hopefully I will be able to relocate them further along. I had to come in about 5.30 pm as we were playing bridge in the evening. Probably a good thing as four hours of digging and squatting to remove stones was not doing my back/legs any favours. Didn't quite get to LB10...

Wednesday and I had an easier day pruning some of the shrubs in the long bank. No idea if I should be doing them now but it is a lot easier to get to them at the moment. 

Today was a treat day - more planting in LB12. But before I could really get going it needed to be re-weeded and de-stoned with my hand trowel. I decided to clear/plant small areas at a time so at least I did have some fun. Twelve heathers from Aldi. Some ajugas that I potted up last autumn from the plants in LB1 right at the road edge - they can fight with the weeds. I then divided the hosta I had brought up in a pot into three. Next the polemonium I had bought at a plant sale last year. Then I dug out the geranium Johnson's blue that was in the raised bed at the top of the drive. I split it into eight and have planted two and potted up the others for later. Then I dug up/relocated two other self-seeded geraniums from the rose bed. I also have a quite healthy looking spiraea growing there but it doesn't fit with my plans for LB12.

Tomorrow and I may continue with destoning/planting the back. I have quite a few heucheras and pulmonarias that need new homes and I am probably still in time to get some snowdrops relocated.

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