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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gardening Blues

I felt a little deflated when I decided at about half past four that I had had enough. I was cold, the sun never breaking through enough to compensate for a cold wind. And looking at the forecast I cannot see when I will get out there next.

I hadn't made as much progress as I had hoped - certainly no ticks in boxes for jobs completed.

However, on reflection I had done a few things that had been on the radar. 

I dug out and divided the geranium from the raised bed at the top of the drive. I replanted two large pieces and potted up a third for Jean. I found a fourth small piece with a decent root and new buds which may or may not survive the shock.

I then did the same for two heucheras in LB5 which had become quite woody. I managed to get four 'new' plants from each, planting two of each back into the original bed and the others into the left hand end/top of LB12. 

Then I dug up three of the pulmonarias that I had split last autumn and planted them at the right-hand end of LB12.

I also planted one of my new plants, the cardamine.

The rest of the time was spent on more weeding and de-stoning of LB11.

It actually looks quite nice out there now...

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