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Friday, June 04, 2010

Weeding Between The Lines

The air is alive with dandelion seeds...

The rain followed by several days of heat and sunshine means that weeds are thriving, growing almost as quickly as my peas did.

Time to sort out the raised planters again. Wasn't too much of a problem in the first two but in the third I had to try to distinguish my rows of seedlings amongst the chaos of the weeds. Hopefully all in order again now. Butterfly netting now over the middle planter which has more cabbages in it.

I planted out my gutter-sown peas last night. I think I was a little over ambitious in my length of guttering - they were not as easy to slide out as my fruit and veggie book implied. Slightly easier after I gave them a good soaking and they do all appear to be standing, albeit slightly more squashed together.

I noticed that the number of cabbages planted in the veggie patch is going down. A couple of little stumps and fat slugs/snails somewhere :(

A couple more rogue potato plants dug out. Some more peas sown directly into the ground along with a few more dwarf beans. Another row of radishes as the old seed that I tested seems to still be viable. I noticed one of my red onions from last year that was too small to eat had started to sprout so I have planted it too.

A slight panic last night when I thought I had lost one of the plants from Lamberton nursery. I couldn't remember buying let alone planting a diascia. So this morning I went out and counted the plants I had planted. Hmm... seventeen. All present and correct and not a diascia in sight. It was another dianthus not a diascia as misreported in the earlier post (now corrected).

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