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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The New Lawn Saga - Part 1

This is a precis.

Now that my planters, veggie patch and fruit tree bed to be are up and running I had told Paul that I really wanted the lawn to be done this year.

"What do I need to do?"
"Ask Karen*. But for a start you need to get rid of the weeds".

So Paul's first task involved getting me to make up the weed killer and then getting Penny to apply it...

Time goes by...

"Now what?"
"Ask Karen. But you need to remove all the rubbish and large/loose stones".

So an hour or two of clearing up.

"Can you order some topsoil for Wednesday?".
"You order it. We are not ready for topsoil. There are still loads of stones to clear".

Yesterday there was no sign of activity so I came inside to find him.

"I thought I had finished. I wasn't worried about the small ones..."
"We are going to be spending a lot of money on topsoil and turf. I don't want to then find that it all dies and we have to start again. I will help you".

So after lunch we both went out. It was hot and after an hour or so Paul was obviously losing all interest.

"Do we really need to get all these stones out? They are going to be under about four inches of topsoil".
"Ask Karen".

We had seen her drive past a little earlier so hopefully she was in. So off he went. She was waiting for her builder to come so said she would pop along later.

And so she did.

So her judgement is that we will need to hire a rotovator and remove all the big stones. I felt a lot happier, Paul didn't.

So this morning Paul has been on the phone and we have three people coming to quote for doing it all for us...

* Karen is a neighbour who laid a new lawn last year. She also gave up her job a couple of years ago to retrain in horticulture.

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