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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Plants, Plants and Yet More Plants

We went to Hugo's for lunch yesterday and when we got home I found my first delivery of plants from J Parker had arrived. MIL and FIL went in to Berwick to try to get a chip on their windscreen repaired while I set about planting and potting on.

The Bowl of Beauty paeony (well actually a lot of roots and a couple of buds) and the bearded irises have been put straight into the garden. I may replant the irises as I was rushing to get them in...

Next I potted on the hostas. I had ordered two packs of a random selection of 6 varieties. Obviously there had been a problem with the quality control of the packing as I actually had 7 in one pack and a whopping 13 in the other. Should be almost enough for the whole of the remainder of the LBE if they all survive the trauma.

Then I planted a rather sad looking stick with a few leaves into one of my nice pots - magnolia soulangeana. I am hoping to eventually get it into the long bank to replace one of the brooms when they finally need to come out. I thought they may be in their last year now but the hard winter seems to have suited them well and they look healthier than they did last year!

My free gift rhodondendron was pot grown so will make it in to the garden in the next few days and the free gift Devon dianthuses have also been potted on.

Finally the lily of the valley - I had planned for them to be behind the sheds but that area needs to be weeded first so I put 5 behind the gooseberry bushes and the remainder are temporarily planted in a pot.

Today the sun is out, the start of a promised spell of good weather but I will 'wasting' Saturday in Perth again for the Scottish heat of the National Scrabble Championship.

MIL and FIL departed this morning.

Paul is out clearing the back in preparation to spraying the weeds yet again.

I am hoping to start planting 'my' nursery purchases (many thanks to Lilian who insisted on buying them for me when we went to pay) today but there still appears to be more traffic than normal so I will have to be careful.

Edrom nursery:
Globularia Nudicaule
Saxifrage fortunei Rubrifolia
Saxifrage 'Blackberry and Apple Pie'
Iris Setosa dwarf form
Dodecatheon dentatum
Phlox sublata Marjorie
Penstemon newberryi Amethyst
Dianthus Inshriach Dazzler
Dianthus Whatfield Wisp
Phyteuma scheuzeri

Lamberton nursery:
Globularia velutina
Geranium subcaulescens Splendens
Geranium cinereum Ballerina
Dianthus gratianopolitanus
Gentiana angustifolia 'Frei'
Verbascum atroviolaceum
Erodium 'Natasha'

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