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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Early Morning

I awoke and looked at the clock. It was flashing - we had had a power cut. It said 2.55 but I was informed by Paul that it was actually 5.30. Did I want to get up at this time again? No.

So I tried to get back to sleep. Paul resumed trying to snore...

I must have dozed for a bit but was rudely full awakened by our telephone blipping and telling us calls would be answered after 6 rings over and over again. It varied how far through the message it got - calls, calls, c c c calls would be...

Calculating the time as about 6.45 and needing the loo I decided to get up. Paul unplugged the phone, plugged in our old one and then went back to bed.

Coffee made, laptop on and I then discovered that we had no internet connection. My whole first thing in the morning routine was up the creek. Normally I get my email in, check out any new blog postings that I link to, check the weather forecast (both BBC and metcheck and decide which one I like best) and finally catch up on facebook.

I tried the old switch it off and on again trick, but it didn't work. However, I could hear Paul getting up now so he may know what to do.

He also tried the old switch it off and on again trick, but it didn't work. It wasn't behaving as he would have expected. He trotted off and returned with our old magic box but couldn't find the cable. I suggested it may be in the drawer full of cables of all colours and sizes under the TV. He was just in the process of emptying it all out when Hey! Presto! my internet connection came to life.

Switching the phone back on and it too was miraculously cured.

We guess we were working on a budget power supply.

Time for a second cup of coffee...

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