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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying Insect Fireworks

I have started a late night slug and snail patrol of my raised planters.

Two nights ago I had a surprise when I found a toad in one of them, obviously with the same idea. Unfortunately it was a small toad that had come across a very large slug. I departed to inspect the veggie patch proper. When I returned to check on the toad it had disappeared and large slug was heading towards my carrots...

Last night no toad but I did remove and squish about half a dozen more slugs.

I then had to brave a swarm of flying insects that had been attracted by the outside light. However, they are forgiven by providing me with my very own fireworks display. Yellow/orange glows of great intensity as they got close to the light, and then streaks getting slowly dimmer as they fell away. Others twirling like catherine wheels. My camera cannot capture the magic but the mere fact that I haven't ended up with a photograph of black sky gives you an idea of quite how bright they were...

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