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Monday, June 28, 2010

Healthy Eating?

So into week three of the latest diet, eating a lot of fruit and salads. Had a bit of a setback when we went out for a very nice meal just over a week ago to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary, but so far I have lost 4 lbs. Still on target for decimation before the BMSC.

But am I hitting the 5-a-day target?

Well, that's the question.

I decided to try to find out exactly what is 5-a-day. This is the nhs site on the matter.

I am a little disappointed to find out that my home-made smoothies that I have had for lunch the last couple of days actually only count as a maximum of 2 portions, even though they contain 1 portion of orange juice, one banana and at least one portion of my freshly picked alpine strawberries. Hmm. So if I ate the strawberries, then the banana and washed it down with the orange juice it would be 3 portions. Crazy.

No matter though. I have been having at least one portion of my home grown lettuce and at least 2 portions of other fruit each day.

I am disappointed but not totally surprised that potatoes don't count - not that I have been eating them lately, but I will be starting to harvest them in another couple of weeks.

Yesterday I picked the first of my radishes - they have a nice kick. The tops have been washed and are in the fridge - I should have enough with the next batch to try the pesto. I had a practice run with the last of my first-sown rocket a couple of days back. Paul has just finished it off with pasta for his lunch.

As I previously intimated pretty much anything goes for pesto - the golden rule appearing to be the magic ratio of 2:1:1 for leaves, cheese and nuts. Not sure how healthy it is calorie-wise though - cheese, nuts and being drowned in virgin olive oil - but it tasted pretty damned good.

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