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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Garden

I've managed to get out into the garden three afternoons this week. Mainly just tidying up the debris from autumn/winter. Completed LB1-7 (or at least the bottom of it), the trellis bed and (above) LB12 tidied and weeded. The rest of the long bank is still too wet to weed yet. God knows when the high bank will be scalable.

I have started looking at nursery websites planning ahead, and also bought four packs of summer flowering bulbs from Aldi's - two packs of lilies, one of liatris and one of Dutch irises.

Next jobs:
snowdrop transplanting
fruit-tree-bed-to-be more muck and topsoil filling. And then I will need to get and plant potatoes to get some use from it this year.
Prune the gooseberry bushes
And then I guess it will be time to start sorting out my veggie seeds...

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