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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have You Seen the Weather Forecast!

I know we Brits are obsessed by the weather, but having switched to British Summer Time we are now expecting sleet, heavy rain and culminating in heavy snow and gale force winds on Wednesday. So I am fairly confident there will be no more gardening this month. But I really can't complain - 77.25 hours logged in March.

Yesterday was a red letter (actually a green highlight in my spreadsheet) day - I finished loading topsoil into the fruit-tree-bed-to-be. The metric tonne was delivered by MKM on Friday and it only took me an hour and a half to transfer it. My arms are feeling it today...

Paul was also out loading stones into the unneeded wheelbarrow and dumping them outside. Then he made a start on relocating the cow muck to outside the gates. Hopefully we are getting closer to getting the main area converted into a lawn. There was another time warp as Paul couldn't believe he had only been out there for an hour and a half...

I moved on to pruning the roses and Paul to raking the lawn in the front after lunch. I was hoping to weed the bed afterwards so that we could relocated some more of the muck there, but I decided that the weeds there really need to be sprayed as they are the kind that unless you get all the roots out just regrow. That will have to wait for suitable weather conditions.

Penny arrived as I was finishing off. We moved on to weeding the raised planters which we completed by end of play. Penny stayed on for a Chinese takeaway - I think we deserved it.

I was going to plant my potatoes today. But reading the packaging it said to wait until the shoots are about an inch long and mine are nowhere near that yet. Also all danger of hard frosts...

So I decided to make the most of the dry weather while I had it on other things. I have weeded the bottom of LB9/10/11, planted the 2 packs of Asiatic lilies and the hellebore that I bought from Morrisons a while back. As I was weeding Margaret drove past so i waved for her to stop to ask whether I could 'borrow' the clear corrugated whatever it is that she had dumped on the verge. No problem. So it is now sitting on my raised planters. May give it some protection from what is coming.

LB12 has burst into life with all the bulbs I planted and perennials coming into growth. I thought it would be only another week or two to be filled with colour. Now I just hope they survive the coming week.

I am over the moon that my daphne is flowering. It smells divine.

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