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Friday, March 05, 2010

Show Me The Money

This is the time of year when many of our fixed term savings accounts end and we have to sort out where to put it next.

One such was my Halifax Regular Saver. At the end of it's term the account got closed and the money and accrued interest swept into the attached Web Saver I had been forced to also open. But I had never put any other money into it.

Smiley faces in the TV ads don't tell you they will sweep your money into the lowest interest rate account they have at the end of the term and hope you don't notice...

I tried logging on for the first time at the start of the week with the temporary password I had been issued almost a year earlier. It no longer worked. So I requested a new one.

It arrived yesterday and I managed to successfully log on, change it, answer all the other security questions and finally see my account.

But I couldn't do anything except see it.

You need to verify your identity at a branch etc.

Hey, you put the money from an account where I had already verified my identity with you a year ago into this other account! Have I suddenly become someone else???

Anyway, I was going into Duns this morning for a dental hygienist appointment so I would call in to the Bank of Scotland and get it sorted.

I was just heading in the door when I saw Penny - would I be popping in for a coffee. Yes, once I'd finished in the bank. Shouldn't be long...

Twenty five minutes later. In that time waiting for the stop on the account to be lifted I think the woman dealing with me tried to sell me every product they had on offer. I must say I am tempted to open the current account, put my 1000 quid in every month and then take it out again to get my fiver a month. Must look into it...

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