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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oooh - I've Spotted Something Else Growing...


winter aconites at the back of the sheds...and lonely crocus in LB2

LB12 - stepping stones/rockery. Frost-coated thmyes and viola above. I am a little concerned about the pulsatillas - I could see signs of life on only one.

LB12 - bottom. The small shrubs seem to have survived. The daphnes (see stick in centre photo - daphne mezereum) appear to have buds so hopefully there will be heavenly perfume soon. And the tulips are coming.

High bank. This does not get any sun at this time of year so the frost/snow/hail doesn't really ever go away. But the snowdrops don't seem to care, and the autumn crocuses are putting on a spurt of growth now.

The corkscrew hazel that is still waiting to be planted has some small catkins. The white patches on the lawn are not frost, but dead grass from the prolonged covering in snow.

And the hellebore that Janet gave me is surpassing itself despite a life of neglect in a bucket. I promise to plant it in the garden this year...


'And she shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers'

for this truly wondrous Japanese anemone seed head:

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