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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Many Barrow Loads Today?

That is the question I get asked by Penny.

She has been along to help on several days. But I cannot subject her to it when it is cold and miserable. It is not her garden after all.

23 hours of sifting topsoil so far to remove the inorganic (stones, nails, glass) and organic (weeds, roots, wood, occasional unwelcome beastie). The topsoil is actually very good and the percentage of crud quite small, but it needs to be removed. The fruit-tree-bed-to-be-cum-2010-potato-patch is about 75% of the way there now but looking at the remaining pile was getting me depressed - it doesn't look enough. I estimate about a 10% shortfall.

So back to trying to find cheap topsoil providers in the locale.

Paul had emailed Border Aggregates earlier in the week but had had no response.

This morning I emailed MKM in Berwick. I had a response within 20 minutes - very reasonably priced (cheaper than the council) with a reduction for a large order and free delivery to our location. Result!

Paul phoned Border Aggregates - price was on a par with a small delivery charge.

MKM have won our business and I have initially ordered a single bulk bag so that I can finish off the bed and get the potatoes planted. There should also be enough left to top up the raised planters too.

The man very nicely reduced the price to the bulk order price as we will order the 15 tonnes for the lawn preparation from them when we are ready. And possibly also the turf - if we turf (my preference) rather than seed.

Should arrive sometime tomorrow in time for the promised better weather at the weekend. Before the snow and gale force winds promised by Metcheck for next week kicks in. Does that count as 'danger of frosts' having past?

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