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Monday, March 01, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

So March has arrived with sunshine. It is still bloody cold, with hail stones on the ground, but the forecast is looking better for the coming week.

I have been inspecting the garden. Not everything has died in the 10 weeks or so of snow and ice. I have still to determine what will need to be pulled out and replaced, but I have little hope for the fuchsias.

The bulbs appear to be coming through despite the frozen sodden ground. I spotted my first foolhardy crocus just about in flower a few days ago, and today I can see tulips pushing through.

The snowdrops are providing little beacons of light dotted around the garden. My plan of gradually populating the whole of the long bank appears to be working. The first relocated clumps now look big enough to be split again. The ones I relocated to the trellis bank have thrived, so I will also continue expanding that habitat, hopefully all the way to the top of the drive, over the next few years.

I am getting optimistic that the end of this winter is in sight. A few more degrees and I will be out there...

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