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Monday, March 08, 2010

Magic Moments

So there I was, shoveling cow muck on to the fruit tree bed to be having just finished weeding it and digging it over when a flash of movement caught my eye.

A stoat had just run across the road towards LB12.

I put my spade down and walked slowly and quietly to the gates. And then stood on a flower pot - crunch. Bugger!

I thought I had scared him away as I looked in vain. But then his head popped up from the pile of stones by the gate.

I watched him for a couple of minutes, appearing and then disappearing back in amongst the stones only to emerge again from a different gap. He stared straight at me a couple of times but didn't seem overly concerned - there was a wall between us.

I decided to chance my luck and get my camera, but didn't hold out much hope of him still being there.

But there he still was...for another couple of minutes before he departed stage left for Margaret's verge.

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Christine Havers said...

Great photo, they are so fast. There are still a few white ones up beside us in the Lammermuirs.

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