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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rock Climbing

It was time for a break in clearing in the long bank. I had just got myself a mug of coffee and was heading for a rare sit down on my bench when I spotted movement on the wall of the porch. I went and got my camera.

This hairy caterpillar (I have been completely unsuccessful in my attempts to find out what kind) was having a stroll around the brickwork. It is probably the commonest of common hairy caterpillars in Scotland...

I watched it climb up a brick, along the top and head back down the other side.

I had a wildlife photographer's dilemma when it got itself entangled in a spider's web at the bottom - do I step in and rescue it or let nature take its course?

After a bit of a struggle it managed to free itself and continue on its journey along the next brick.

I got back to clearing the long bank...

A little further searching and I came across this bug and weed identification site which may prove invaluable in the future. So I am guessing that my caterpillar is either a Common Footman (right location) or a White Ermine - looks more like this to me.

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