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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cardbox 30000

I broke the 30000 alphagram barrier in my cardbox today. Woohoo!

The next milestone I should pass in the next week or so is to have the majority of questions in cardbox 9 - as long as I don't go too mad in adding more in. 

After much experimenting I have settled into adding a hundred or so anagrams every 2-3 days. This steady flow is much more manageable than adding in larger chunks less frequently - it was quite daunting when I could see I had several days coming up with 400+, whereas now I seem to have a more balanced 200-250 being scheduled each day. If I want to do more I just reschedule the database...

I am off to Allan's tomorrow to continue match number 5. My bottle of wine for winning match 4 by a very flattering 13-4 may be waiting :)

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Henry Yeo said...

oh rats, I am still stuck in the 20ks....I feel so unprepared for Causeway. Bottom 10, here I come.

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