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Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Year Older

Paul was not in my good books re my birthday. I discovered he was going to be playing bridge in the Scotland pre-trials on the big day when a wedding invitation arrived last month for the same date...

On Thursday, much to my surprise, Paul volunteered to go food shopping without me. That's nice - I can get out in the garden...

I was balanced precariously three quarters the way up LB3 when he returned. Could I fetch the last couple of bags from the car? Not at this precise moment...

I was informed that it was lunchtime. I said I would come in when I had finished that area - after the effort of working my way up there I didn't want to stop. Or to be more precise, I didn't want to have to climb up there again.

When I got in there were two bunches of Aldi flowers in the kitchen sink. Hmmm... I have nothing against Aldi flowers but that meant no bouquet was coming unless this was a very deep finesse... Paul seemed a little put out by my reaction - or lack thereof :)

I had lunch and continued out in the garden.

Friday back out, coming in after 6 p.m. I asked what was for tea and got told it was a surprise. I cleaned up and awaited. Paul had bought spring rolls and duck/pancakes... He was making a real effort :)

So Saturday (birthday) arrived. I got awoken just gone 8 a.m. with Paul bringing in my prezzies.  'I really need/want xxx' seemed to work this time - new gardening gloves and  hand blender/whisk amongst other things. And then he abandoned me.

Penny phoned to wish me a happy birthday and suggested coming round to cook me dinner in the evening. That was very unexpected and a lovely thought. She popped over in the morning with a card and bottle of wine and to check what to bring in the evening. I spent the rest of the day ... gardening. I packed up around half past five and took the dogs out. As I was coming back Anne and Jenny arrived with a card and a jasmine for me. 

I decided I needed to tidy the kitchen a little for Penny. I had just started washing up when the phone went = Penny asking what flavour of icecream to get. Just get my hands wet again, phone rings = Penny checking I had flour for the gravy. I had just finished when I saw her drive past so headed out to help bring the stuff in. 

Roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast vegetables followed with chocolate fudge brownie Ben and Jerry's. Large glass of red wine. Yummy. I had insisted on watching Strictly Come Dancing so we ate in the sitting room, plates on laps (nothing new there). 

And then I noticed one of my favourite films, The Witches of Eastwick, was coming on. 

I should apologise to Penny for vegging out but it was bliss. It turned out to be a very pleasant birthday :)

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you a belated happy birthday.

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