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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Extension Part 16

We have actually had quite good weather this week and I got out every afternoon into the garden, only running in from the rain on one of them.

The joiners started on Monday. First task was the roof on the utility room. The walls have also now been completed.

They then moved on to the sun room. When they left on Friday they had started on the roof. The octagon shape is a bit of a challenge. They had got four beams up and standing unsupported - I heard 'Look no hands' at one point. They were then taken down again and taken away to check that the wood is in good condition - they are going to be exposed within the sun room and therefore they need to look good.

Alan and Mark have been pressing on with the steps up to the veggie patch, external wall foundations and the foundations for the railway sleeper raised bed.

Reg and Diana came round for coffee yesterday morning. They were given the tour of the building site. All is fine with the world - we have Reg's approval :)

I have cleared another five metres or so of the long bank. I have been building up the river defences with the stones and enormous lumps of solid clay I have been digging out and lobbing over the road...

I think I am going to have to reclassify this new area into two or three new sections as it is almost half as long again as the existing LB.

Unfortunately I can see new weeds sprouting up almost in front of my eyes in the first bit I had cleared :(


Richard Havers said...

Tootled by you today and very good it all looked!

Hels said...

If I was out on the LB you should have stopped and introduced yourself :)

Anonymous said...

mHave you considered planting a time capsule?

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth in that you are planting some of your savings in the foundations to dig up on a rainy day?kit

Hels said...

I think we are ploughing enough of our savings into it already :)

Anonymous said...

Well done. "Where there is muck there is money" kit

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