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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Extension Part 15

I was a little stiff yesterday but was still determined to get some more of the bank cleared. The weather, however, had other ideas. I had worked through one light shower but when it started absolutely tipping it down I ran for cover. Alan and Mark also thought better of it and packed up for the day.

Today I did not get back out until about 2 p.m. - my car was being picked up for repairs this morning and my replacement hire car was also being delivered. Then we needed to go shopping. We decided to go to Jewson first to check out paving. We had already decided on Indian sandstone but there are four available colours to choose from. So we have now decided on grey and sand which hopefully will fit nicely with the house, walls and sunroom.

By the time I got outside I was stunned to find that the erection of the retaining wall around the utility room and up to the raised veggie patch-to-be was almost complete. When Alan and Mark cleared up for the day the wall had had its slope completed.

I continued working on the long bank. I had got to the place I wanted to put the very large rock that had been dug out for the foundations, to continue the path near the top. I measured said rock (18"x18"x9") and dug an appropriately sized hole for it. Alan had said he would get it in place for me. So when a truck arrived delivering more bricks he bet the driver that he couldn't pick it up with the grabber and lower it into the hole. It fitted beautifully...

I packed up at about 6.30 p.m. I had not made as much progress as I had hoped for as I came across an area packed with large buried cobble stones. Hopefully I have got them all out now. I find it fascinating that I remove so many stones but the level doesn't seem to get much lower. I have also unearthed another large rock continuing my path, and possibly another one next to it although I won't be sure until I clear all the crud on top of it. The next section is going to be hard work - covered with grass, nettles and ground elder...

Oh, and Alan wanted a link to his website as I gave David a plug in my last entry :)

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You seem to have overtaken us!

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