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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Extension Part 18

The railway sleepers are now in place for my three raised beds. I am very pleased with these - they look good.

The site for the new oil tank has been made.

Many of the stones and large lumps of rubble have found new homes, filling the gaps up the steps to the veggie patch and drainage in the raised beds. I may relocate a few of the larger ones...

The lawn edging is in place so now we have a much clearer vision of the lawn and planting beds.

Alan and Mark were going to start on the foundations for the pillars but hit a problem with the one nearest Margaret's wall - solid rock again. David came round on Monday to check out the walls for the railings. There was some discussion re the pillars and I think it has been agreed that the posts for the gates can be bolted into the rock somehow. On Thursday the holes were filled back in again as they were not going to get the required inserts from David in time and it was the last thing they were going to do until they return to do the paving and wall completion.

The joiners were back on Thursday and again yesterday. The roof is now starting to take shape.

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