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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Get

Wanted by Joyce...

Email 1:
Hi! We have recently moved into a new home and in need of a few items:

Dressing Table w/Mirror
2 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Chest Of Drawers
3 Piece Suite

Wanted Curtian Rods Various Sizes:

1. min. 80cm
2. min. 106cm
3. min. 130cm
4. 2@ min. 230cm
5. min 125cm
6. min. 115cm
7. min. 120cm

Email 3:

Wire Mesh (to protect pets from a busy road)
Wood (suitable to make secondary glazing frames)
Glass/Perspex (for above)
Cider Press


Tumble Dryer
Fireplace Tools
Jewelery Box

The day is still young... Next will be request for curtians (sic) to fit above rods and jewellery to go in said box :)
I can see that a cider press is an absolute must for a new home.
And there does seem to be a surprisingly large demand for filing cabinets on Freecycle - almost as desirable as tents/gazebos/marquees...

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