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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Road Repairs

Last week the council were out and about in the locale.

We had noticed a sign up on Monday at Edrom stating there may be delays for the following two days for road repairs.

On Tuesday our builder Alan was not best pleased when he found this actually meant delayed for the whole day as the road was completely blocked with multiple 'boys toys' vehicles - diggers and tar-laying machines and the like - halfway between Edrom and us. He had to reverse back to Edrom as there was nowhere to turn around with his trailer.

On Wednesday they had moved to the bottom of the hill at the other side of our house. Despite it being steady rain for most of that day they have replaced several large areas of road surface there. Hopefully this will last longer than the running repairs of Scottish Borders Local on the pot-holes, which are ripped apart again within days by tractors doing the 180 degree turn there from the bridge.

Over the last couple of days we have heard/seen a large yellow vehicle coming along slowly. It appears to have given the verges nice crisp edges, reclaiming a fair amount of road from the encroaching mud, 'wild flowers' and grass, flattened a foot or so of the aforesaid flora from the roadside and thrown the debris back onto the verges.

After the rain of yesterday the verges are decidedly dirty, as was Jen after this mornings walk - hippopotamus impersonation after rolling around in the long grass to cool down.


Huttonian said...

At least they repair your roads. Here, they don't until they have to and then it is massive disruption!

Hels said...

We have found SB Local are quite responsive to Paul's emails - using words like dangerous seems to do the trick.
This is the first time we have seen 'real' road repairs even though they do seem to have missed several large stretches that they had marked up with yellow paint...

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