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Monday, June 16, 2008

Extension Part 8

The work on the extension appears to be very stop-start at the moment.

Last Tuesday Allan was here bright and early and started on the utility room. When we got the revised drawings from the architect he had drawn the external door coming out facing the sunroom to be. This wasn't as we had expected but I preferred it as it will give us more usable space inside, with the two doors only wasting the space at one end. After some thought and discussion Paul agreed. It also saves hassle about changing the drawing again, and will save money (always a good thing) on patio/paving around the utility room.

Alan said he wouldn't be around the following day as it needed to 'go off'. This is normally when something has been left too long in the fridge in my experience...

Anyway, Paul got an email the day after saying that it would now be Monday before he would be back. He was having trouble getting trucks to deliver stuff - apparently the three new schools being built in this area have priority and are hogging not only the trucks but also building materials.

He was true to his word, and when I took the dogs out first thing (for me) he was waiting for a delivery to arrive. The truck arrived about a minute later - it had got lost and was approaching from the Chirnside direction. When I wandered back past with the dogs a pile of something was being unloaded, and the truck then passed me a couple of minutes later. Alan then also departed...

The other exciting development from a couple of weeks back is that we have a spray-painted outline of the new corridor and sunroom. At last I can sort of visualise it. And that led to a bit of a falling out with Paul re gates/walls/railings.

I have never been happy with what was drawn, but have been told not to worry - they are not set in stone (joke). Anyway, now that I could see the outline I could see that the currently planned/drawn enclosed garden area is a long narrow rectangle, with the new patio a completely separate entity with a no-mans land area in between. I really want it all too be more integrated and as little unenclosed space as possible. Paul does not want railings right down the side of the new patio spoiling the view. So - compromise, railings to come part way down and wall splits at that point to complete railed enclosed garden and unrailed patio area. So I was told to work out the cost implications... And I was on to a winner there - my new plan reduces the size of the original patio that could house an orchestra, and the cost savings of that more than pays for the few extra metres of wall/railings.

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