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Monday, June 23, 2008

Jen The Serial Killer

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but wildlife is another matter...

It started a couple of months back when a chick had fallen from its nest in our eaves onto the path below. After a brief game of 'tag' with Poncho she grabbed it back and ate it.

On Saturday Penny came over to pick elder flowers to make some cordial. We were heading towards the bridge when I almost had my arm pulled out of its socket as Jen dived into the undergrowth. She emerged with a mole in her mouth. It took quite an effort to get her to drop it, and I only succeeded when she tried to rearrange its position and lost her grip on it.

Last night as we were heading down the steps to the top of the drive she suddenly leapt into the pergola-covered oil tank area. Poncho dived in after her. A sudden loud squeal and I tried to pull them both back - I was worried they had found a hedgehog. I shone the torch in and could see something that was not prickly, and Jen was straight back at it. Out she came, shaking a very large rat. She threw it back down and I took the chance to drag them both away. On coming back about 10 minutes later I could see that it was still alive, and had crawled onto the bottom step. Jen was all for finishing the job but I turned them around and back to the house via the building site.

I must now go and remove the dead rat from our steps...


TTHBTK said...

Hey, there! I want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog! I, too, try to find a good mix of Scrabble blogging and everyday-life blogging. (I'm definitely not a championship player but I aspire to be one!!) And I love your writing style. (I even link to it from my blog.)

This story made me smile remembering something that happened with my cats. When we brought in our third kitten, Stella, our other two cats, Shadow and Tiger, were about a year old. Two weeks after we brought Stella in, my sister saw one of the older cats with a mouse in her mouth (in the basement...where the mice get in through the cracks in this old house). A little while later, my sister found all three cats in the dining room with...yes...the mouse. She said the kitten was batting the mouse around with her paws while the other two watched.

Although interesting, upsetting, and amusing all at the same time, I found this activity to be very Big a lion teaching its cub to hunt.

Happy blogging!!

Hels said...

Glad you like the blog.

Studying does pay off in the long-term - don't get depressed if the new words you learn don't miraculously appear on your rack - some never will. Of course, in the US you have twice the motivation to study with the double challenge rule...

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