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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Extension Part 7 - The Break-In

Alan arrived bright and early on Monday to start on the two new doorways out of the back of the lounge. We weren't sure how Jen and Poncho would react to all the noise, but they seem relatively unconcerned. They have soon got used to him popping in and out of the house and no longer rush to the front door to greet him each time he comes in.

There is now a small hole at the top of the new utility room door way with a metal plate being supported by a large pole inside.

The sun room doorway has also made some progress.

Alan said he would be late on Wednesday, and we weren't too surprised when the weather took a turn for the worse that he did not turn up at all.

Back on Thursday, and he has started digging out the ground for the utility room foundations.

Again the weather was not so good on Friday so no more progress.

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