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Friday, June 27, 2008

Extension Part 9

I was full of hope.

On Friday morning Allan and A.N.Other turned up and started building the walls of the utility room. They were back on Monday and real progress appeared to be made. In the afternoon Tom was also here. They had the plans out and were obviously discussing something but I was not made privy to what was going on. Then they all left and nothing has happened since.


Steve said...

good article on the extension! that came to me on a google alert. I am building a website (uk based), based on building extensions etc and we are creating a news page of links, and a blog page as well. As blogs are generally more personal than a news article, before adding a link to your blog on the site (which is due to be launched in september), we feel it better to contact the blog writer for their permission beforehand. If this is ok, i owuld like to add a link to your blog
Kind Regards

Hels said...

I do not mind - at the current rate it may be a long-running saga :)

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