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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Never Too Late

I have started a new morning routine.

Get up whenever. Do not take the dogs straight out - do not want them to think that waking me up means they get rewarded! Have a cup of coffee, catch up on my email and start on the cardbox. Once coffee drunk then take dogs out for a walk. Feed dogs breakfast on return.

This now means I have a much longer 'free time' gap before the lunch time routine.

I am feeling quite smug about it this morning as the weather was very pleasant when we were out earlier and now (when we would have been out before) it is decidedly yukky.


I got 'buzzed' by someone I knew from uni via Friends Reunited last night. So after some faffing (my account needed reactivating) I went on and replied. It is now free to send people messages so I started trawling back through my 'places'.

I found my 'bestest' friend from primary school and memories came flooding back. We had been virtually inseparable until the age of about 10 when we had a major falling out and virtually never spoke to each other again. She moved away from our home town a couple of years later so we never did rekindle our friendship. I sent her a message apologising for the stupidity of youth. I am so pleased I did as I got an email back from her later that evening.

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