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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Having looked at the weather forecast I got out in the garden yesterday - it had predicted a deterioration as the week went on and with Paul off again on Thursday I needed to get some jobs done.

Job 1: Tie the tall perennials in the trellis bed back to the trellis as the wind had caused havoc over the last week. It does look a lot tidier now, although the chrysanthemums, which must be over four feet tall look a little strange, all hugging together and pointing the wrong way but hopefully they will sort themselves out.

Job 2: Cut back the lupins. Some had been attacked by the dreaded lupin bugs earlier, and although I had got the first wave under control they returned a couple of weeks later and in a few days had caused a lot of damage. Mysteriously they have all disappeared now.

Job 3: Start the weeding/cutting back of aquilegias on the long bank - got most of the rockery and LB2 done.

It was very hot and the flies were out again. A lot of cursing and waving of arms...

When I cleared back the vetch I found even more wild strawberries - most of the bottom of LB2 and still spreading. I went back out in the early evening and picked another pound. I made another batch of jam in the evening. It was almost disaster last week when Morrisons had sold out of jam sugar, but I found one unopened bag and a half-used bag tucked away at the back of a cupboard. I will need more though - the gooseberries feel as if they will be ready quite soon now.

I went back out in the garden after lunch today. It was a lot cooler and the wind was up so no flies - hurrah!

I had seen on Gardener's World that now is the time to collect and sow primrose seed. However, in my garden there was no need to go to all that trouble - I had spotted a small patch of self-sown seedlings. I dug out the clump, separated them and have replanted them - must have got a couple of dozen of varying sizes.

Whilst I was doing this Paul wandered past with the dogs. The next thing I know I hear a loud crack and see one of the overhead electricity cables is bouncing. I downed tools and headed towards the hill. A tractor was coming down it, Paul and dogs standing to one side and a tree was half-way across the road. The tractor and a following car drove around it and on towards the bridge.

I assumed the tractor must have hit it, but no - it had just cracked and fallen of its own accord just before the tractor reached it.

Paul phoned Margaret - we weren't sure who owned the land/tree but Margaret seemed the likely candidate and if not would know who did. She popped straight down with Clive, who luckily just happened to be there.

Clive went to get a tractor.

I went back to my primroses.

None of this road closed for x hours rubbish that you get in suburbia.

Have tractor, will travel...

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Henry Yeo said...

not when the road looks wide enough for 3 cars to pass shoulder to shoulder

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