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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Suanne Superstar

I have been well and truly deposed as the top internationally-rated female scrabble player.

Suanne Ong from Malaysia, who finished half a win and a place ahead of me in the 2007 world championships, became the first female, first Malaysian and youngest ever (16) to win the King's Cup in Bangkok last week.

A superb performance, finishing first on 20 wins out of 27 games and earning a place in the best of three final against the current world champion, Nigel Richards. I was told that she walked it, winning the first two games.

Her rating has leapt from 1939 to 2034, propelling her into 11th place. I am languishing on 1988, 46th. I should hate her but she is too nice :)

Malaysian scrabble also boasts the top rated player in the world, Ganesh Asirvatham, and is also where Nigel lives. Maybe I should emigrate...


Henry Yeo said...

please do...we need more stronger players in the region

Paul said...

Or are you just after the jam?

Henry Yeo said...

rats...paul actually sounded out my original intentions.

Then again we don't get many berries here to make jam with.

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