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Friday, July 25, 2008

Extension Part 10

I plucked up the courage to phone Alan yesterday. He told me he would be around today to tidy up ready for a digger arriving on Monday to start on the foundations on the sun room.

He was true to his word. The outline of the sun-room has been re-established and the building materials that were sitting on it have been cleared out of the way.

I have now asked him approximately how long does he think it will take to get it all done. He has said a couple of months. Foundations will be dug on Monday. Steel frame should arrive on Wednesday. Then timber frame should go in and work should be pretty much continuous from then on. The reason for all the delays (no-one had been here for a month) has been the weather and this is the main holiday period. There has only been him and one other working for the last couple of months, trying to keep everyone (or no-one) happy.

I asked if Paul had mentioned the changes we want for the patio and walls. Not specifically but he gave me a brochure to look at to choose materials for the walls and paving. Anyway, I have spent the last hour or so on the website for the brochure noting down the prices of the different materials that I like...

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Huttonian said...

best of luck. Our B the B is still elusive. Annual Vacation? Iraq? Afghanistan? Fortunately we have paid nothing so far. Nothing for nothing. Fair dos

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