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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FreeCycle Strikes Again

Hi Everone, my mum who is 78 has been complaining that she can't see
the faces of people on her tv - think it's about 20". As she's a
Pensioner I thought I'd ask if anyone has one they'd like to donate.
Perhaps you've upgraded to a massive flat screen recently? I think
ideally she'd like a 30" or so. My daughter lives in Kelso so she
could collect it for me if it's nearer to her. Thanks in advance.


I suggest a pair of spectacles...

This person also asked for a computer for his daughter so he didn't have to lend her his laptop...

Also earlier this week we had one starting on about learning the piano. They can't be, I thought and no they weren't. There followed a request for sheet music.

But this obviously got someone to thinking. The next day there was indeed a request for a piano - don't think it was the same person.

I am now determining what I should ask for...


Henry Yeo said...

how about hamptons court?

Huttonian said...

There is still a large tent, marquee or Pagoda out there. Don't let overrunwithrabbits corner the marquet

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