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Friday, January 23, 2009

Extension Part 27

Well, quite a lot has happened in just over a week.

Mark has repaired the hole from the cowshed demolition. It had to get worse before it got better. The removal of the very large metal spike proved that it was indeed holding a lot more of the stone in place...

The wall around the patio has been been finished. David has been here today putting in the metal posts ready for the railings. So now everything should be ready for the walls to be capped.

Tom (Thomas's dad) was here at the start of the week with the plasterer just checking out the state of play. We have been told that the utility room and inside of the garden wall can be 'dry rendered' which means that they can make it match the colour of the stonework without us having to paint it. This seems like a great idea, saving us a lot of future maintenance and the hassle of trying to pick the right colour of masonry paint.

Thomas has been here this week working in the sun room on the walls and inside roof.

Although taking a photograph from outside looking in gave this great optical illusion - roof? What roof?

We have emailed off our selection of light fittings. Because the utility room has been moved we now have two lights quite close together at the back. I have suggested we have one lamp to light that area and asked for advice in having more of a floodlight on the utility room to light the garden. We are still waiting to hear back.

No sign of my laundry pulley yet.

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