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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cardbox 35181

I have just added in and done pass number one of 15901-16000 8s.

One word of interest that came up was BARLEDUC - a fruit jam. This appears to be no ordinary fruit jam and having done a little research on the web I am afraid to announce that I will be sticking with plain redcurrant jelly. I don't own a goose quill for a start...

An email this morning announcing that the International ratings have now been updated - woohoo. I may well be the first female to have featured in the top ten. Phil Robertshaw has also cracked it for the first time, currently in ninth. The UK also has five more players - Craig Beevers, Harshan, Brett Smitheram, Mikki Nicholson and Austin Shin - in the top twenty. This is probably our best ever showing. Let's hope we can live up to it in the World Scrabble Championships that are still to be announced.


Phil Robertshaw said...

I'm chuffed too!

Henry Yeo said...

why don't you all come down for king cup, then we shall see who has the bragging rights.

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