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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diet Time - Again

So the time has come to lose the excess flab again. I am starting earlier in the year than usual. To try to get over the problem of dieting when it is cold I am in multiple layers of clothing. I do think it is a lot easier to lose weight when it is warm, but if this year is anything like last year and I wait then I may never start!

So on Monday night on TV  Horizon: Why Are Thin People Not Fat? I just had to watch it.

I was more interested in why Fat People Are Fat... Other than the obvious of eating more calories than your body needs.

1) Evolution. In times of severe famine the 'sort of' politically correct chubby people (as described by the program) survived and the skinny people were wiped out. Survival of the fattest...
2) Genetics. I'm on to a loser there.
3) Upbringing. Pros and cons here. 
I like puddings. But as a child I was not going to get pudding unless I ate all of my dinner first. So I forced it down and even if I was full I was damned if I was not also going to eat the pudding that had been my ultimate goal. 
'Snacking' was not normally an option, which does seem to be a more prevalent problem now.
4) 'Fat' virus - not so sure about this one, but I have suffered my fair share of air-conditioning spread bugs in the past.
5) In-built programming in your brain to get you to the weight it thinks you should be

Another bummer is fat cells. So, when you put on fat it can be in two ways. The fat cells can just get bigger. But when they reach full size and cannot expand any more your body creates new fat cells. And they never just disappear again when they are no longer needed. I guess that's where liposuction comes in to play...

Hmm... What is my 'natural' weight?

I was a 'chubby' child through my teenage years... And then I got fat during my university years - alcohol and bad diet... And then I made a concerted effort and lost over two and a half stones... And then I kept at around that weight for the next 20+ years with a strict regime of dieting when it crept up... and it has now got away from me again :(

Now is this because my brain thinks I should be fatter or because I have now become a snacker?
I am giving my brain a good talking to. 120 pounds MAX!


Anonymous said...

Multiple layer of clothing will help your dieting by the overcoming the resultant feeling of chill
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Henry Yeo said...

wonder how did that spam get through....I lost 13 kgs last year, how many stones is that?

Hels said...

1kg = 2.2 pounds
14 pounds = 1 stone
so 13kg is just over 2 stones...
So when I saw you in December you were trying to put it back on :)

Henry Yeo said...

it is still staying off at this moment.

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