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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Almost On Top of the World

The WESPA International ratings were posted yesterday but with a couple of queries.

Are Philips Owolabi and Lukeman Owolabi the same person? After asking a couple of my Nigerian friends on ISC it appears that they are. Were Bob Lynn and Robert Linn the same person - no. So I had to wait a little longer. An email was waiting for me when I got up this morning - only a slight adjustment from the day before.

New Rating: 2115

Better than my wildest dreams, leaping into second place behind Ganesh. 

I doubt that I will stay there for long - Nigel was leading the iGate tourney in Bangalore when I last looked and the web site is not being updated until that is also rated. But, even if I am only there for just over a week I am still very happy :)
Back to the cardbox...


Phil said...

Congrats, Hels. What a wonderful achievement!

I think it puts me in 10th spot for now, hoping the IGATE doesn't affect it!

Henry Yeo said... are still above Nigel after Bangalore.

Bullet said...

Keep going strong. I enjoy reading your blog which perhaps has inspired me to re-enter the world of blogosphere. And hats of to the UK Open win :)

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