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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extension Part 26

Work started up again on the extension while I was away last week. I was getting updates from Paul.

The windows and doors are now in the sun room, although still need finishing off - draught-proofing amongst other things. We have to make a decision at some time on what colour to paint the woodwork. Dark grey has been suggested and this seems like a sensible option given (hopefully) the sand and grey paving for the patio to be.

The electrician, Wally, has been this week. Yesterday he brought around several brochures for lighting - Paul had said he could not possibly take on such an onerous responsibility and has deferred to me. I am currently going with some aluminium modernish rectangular halogen uplighters for the sun room. Although I may change my mind and go for the rather neat looking adjustable spotlights...

We have also got to select outside lights. I am rather taken by a globe design for the front and a more traditional lantern design for the back. Wally said to let him know our options and he will price them up. I now have a shortlist of seven.

The wiring has now been completed amidst a few bangs and shouts, trying to get a cable from the far end of the house right the way along and out the other into the utility room, where we will have another fuse box. A little diversion through one of our fitted wardrobes was needed in the end. I ordered a laundry pulley for the utility room today - and after surveying where the light in there was to be have moved it about 6 inches nearer the window to be safe.

Mark was back yesterday and has started on the wall around the patio area. It was too cold and frosty for him today. The pillars now have caps.

We are eagerly awaiting what happens next.


Huttonian said...

Hurrah! You are nearly there. We have now paid our nearly final bill and await the judgment of Building Control

Hels said...

Well, other than:
underfloor heating, internal walls, plastering, ceiling, painting, lights, utility room floor, window, plumbing, breaking through to house, doors, new boiler, new oil tank, top of sun room roof, railings, gates, patio, paths...
And then we have the garden to sort out :)

Huttonian said...

Plenty left to blog about, then!

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