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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March Goes Out on a High

After having a moan about March it decided to end on a high. After a ground frost overnight the sun came out and the wind dropped, and we had a glorious afternoon.

I took the opportunity to do the next job on my gardening list. I dug up two large clumps of snowdrops from behind the sheds. Then on to tidying up the next area of the long bank which was to be their new home. Two bags of weeds and moss cleared, snowdrops split into smaller clumps, holes dugs, stones removed. I now have sixteen smaller clumps of snowdrops in LB3.

Last year David had given me some winter aconites that I never managed to get around to planting. However, they had survived in their plastic bag. I have now planted them at the back of the sheds.

Although the snowdrops have mainly gone to seed now the other spring bulbs are taking over.

Most of the crocuses have finished now, but the ones in the pot near the front door were really enjoying the sun yesterday. A bee was taken full advantage.

Two of my five varieties of dwarf tulips are flowering, adding a lovely splash of colour to the long bank.

The dwarf narcissi in the verge at the bottom of the drive are still going strong. The first signs of the later ones I planted there last autumn can now be seen. The edge of the drive is also looking very pretty with the different varieties I planted along there last year.

Hyacinths are coming up now. The leaves of the grape hyacinths can be seen dotted around all over the long bank. The first of the scillas are flowering. I have spotted more irises coming up.

The aubretias are starting to flower again, but they do need tidying up as there are large bare patches in a lot of them. The osteospermum at the top of the drive is not looking very healthy after the harsher winter and I will probably need to dig it out. The one in the high bank looks okay. Of the other winter failures my hardy fuchsias don't appear to have been hardy enough.

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