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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Extension - Part 1

We had been away for a long weekend in Herefordshire with Paul's family, to celebrate Alex's fortieth birthday. We got home at 4 p.m. yesterday and then collected the dogs back from the kennels. I then wandered around to Margaret's to find out the latest on the cowshed. I noticed the cows were no longer occupants. Weather permitting the roof would come off today.

Paul was up early this morning to catch a train down to London. The dogs were very well behaved and did not wake me up. When I took them out around 10 a.m. a tractor had just arrived at the cowshed but I did not recognise the driver. I gather from Margaret that he is Ian's youngest brother. When I got back Ian was here and work had already started. I plugged in the extension cable for them through the lounge window and headed off to get my hair cut.

They had originally thought it was only going to be a couple of hours work to take the roof off, which we thought was ambitious. We were right. The tin was off when I got home, but it took the afternoon to remove the timbers. Luckily the weather has been kind today - especially having to have the window open all day - and the job is now finished. Now I am being inundated with dishomed pigeons flying into the windows. I am sure I will get some takers for the wood - a lot of houses with proper fireplaces around here.

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