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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Extension Part 3 - The Clearup

Roy started work at 8 a.m. again yesterday - it was just him doing the clearup - loading tractor/trailer and then taking the rubble away. The weather was a little dreary yesterday and then drizzle after lunch so I was not out working in the garden. When Roy finished for the day there was not much rubble left.

Jen woke me early this morning and at 7.30 a.m. I decided to get up. There is only so much whining I can take. As I was getting up I heard the first sounds of rubble being moved. I took the dogs out and Roy went past me with the first load of the day at the far side of the bridge.

At around 8.30 a.m. the digger bucket going past the sitting room window caught my attention. I went outside to see what was happening. Roy was driving the digger up and down, flattening the surface of the ground.

He said he couldn't do anything more until all the wood that had been dumped in the old barn area was removed. I got onto the phone to let Ray and Janet know that there was now access to the lengths they had cut. They arrived shortly afterwards, and we started moving it all down to nearer the road. They had not managed to get hold of Clive who has a trailer which could be used to move it up to their bungalow.

I phoned Allan to let him know the hayricks were down as he wanted some of the struts to mend a broken fence. I asked if he could do me a big favour and bring his trailer to help Ray and Janet out of their predicament. He needed to organise his day - a leaky washing machine/flooded room - and would phone me back. He got over here around midday with trailer.

We took a load up the hill and then Ray drove back down with his chainsaw to cut the ends of the longer pieces which were just a little too long for comfort in Allan's trailer. In a little over an hour all their timbers were despatched, and I had moved a large amount of the remainder that is only good for burning down to the bottom out of the way.

Allan loaded his trailer with his bits and after a coffee departed for home. Mega thanks to Allan not only for his help today but also for his suggestion of enrolling in the Berwickshire Freecycle group.

I continued clearing up what I could, dodging the showers. I cleared all except the heaviest bits that I could not move on my own, and then wandered around to Margaret's to see if she could find out when Roy was coming back. She will let me know tomorrow - the hole for the porosity test needs to be dug for Monday.

When I got back Paul was home and between us we dragged the broken trellis out of the way and cleared the remainder of the rubbish. I am now feeling quite shattered but extremely pleased with how it has all gone.

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