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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wood Wood Glorious Wood

I thought I would have no trouble getting rid of the wood from the cowshed timbers, and this is both true and untrue. If time wasn't an issue then life would be hunky dory, but we really need to get it cleared in time for the cow shed et al being demolished.

Ray and Janet came over on Wednesday to cut up some to burn on their open fire. They were having to load it into the car boot, and thus cut it up into fairly small pieces. I got out in the garden for an hour or so while they were here - up the high bank getting rid of nettles again, but each year there are less :)

I have told the neighbours with open fires that they are welcome to just come and take any they want.

Anne phoned me back on Thursday afternoon - yes, she would like it. I said I would like it taken by the end of the weekend, and there may be some other takers.

I have put aside about half a dozen large planks and some rather nice long thick poles for myself - I am contemplating making some raised beds in the new back garden sometime in the distant future.

Allan came over on Friday and took a trailer load for his garden. He mentioned trying freecycle.

This afternoon I decided to take up his suggestion and joined Berwickshire freecycle. I very quickly had two responders. One is coming over tomorrow afternoon. I have told the other I will let him know after they have been if there is any left.

I called back in on Ray and Janet on the afternoon dogwalk to see if they wanted more. I found out that Ray's chainsaw had broken whilst they were here on Wednesday, and that was why they had left relatively early. It is now fixed, so if the weather is good they will come back over tomorrow morning to cut some more.

Fingers are being crossed that it all works out...

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