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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Roll On April

March has been a very boring month. The weather has been cold/wet/windy/sleety/snowy and I have only got out into the garden one afternoon this month to prune the fruit bushes.

The plus side is that I have been ploughing on with my cardbox studying, now having reached the top 12000 mark for sevens and eights. I sometimes wonder why I spend so much time after my last couple of tourneys, but it should pay off in the long run.

I have also continued knitting, and have completed the front, back and most of a sleeve - I am making up the design as I go along, just basing the size on another pattern.

One of the highlights of the month was actually getting into the dental practice in Duns. I hate to think how much work will need doing after two and a half years...

If all goes to plan the next couple of months will be more interesting. The big thing happening is the extension. It has been about two years since we set the ball rolling on extending the house with a utility room and a sun room, using the extra land behind the house and the site of the cowshed.

The cowshed should be demolished in a couple of weeks time. We then need to get a big hole dug for a 'porosity' test, and hopefully it will pass to get the building warrant. Then work on the extensions should begin in May. We have a blacksmith coming on Wednesday to discuss gates and railings. It's all costing well over the original budget, even allowing for inflation. Still, Paul is going to be doing a few weeks work over the next couple of months so should pay for the patio and garden walls...


Phil R said...

I've also been wondering why I spend so much time studying lately, having seen a 12 point drop in rating since December. It's only the hope of long term gain that is keeping it going.

Henry Yeo said...

I am right on your tail. Just pass the 11k 7s & 8s. Adding the 5s too.

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