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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jen to the Vet

Jen appears to have been jealous of Poncho's visits to the vet and developed a stomach upset last week. This only manifested itself in the evenings and overnight. After four evenings, including one when I slept on the sofa, it was time for her visit to the vet on Friday evening surgery.

He couldn't find anything obviously wrong. She was not dehydrated and her temperature was normal. However, she has been given some tablets (dog equivalent of Immodium) and is now into day two of three on a diet of boiled rice.

4 tablets twice a day. Jen is not like Poncho, who will just swallow anything you give him. The first four were given to her when she got back. She ignored them. Paul rubbed them with a smelly treat and she did then eat them. We were not so successful with the next four, but she did eventually manage three of them when Poncho tried to get them...

The next morning and they were mixed in with her rice. She was not impressed. I don't blame her - I don't like rice either. She is also a very messy eater, and we ended up with grains of rice all over the lobby floor. Poncho is normally a hoover for any spilt food, but even he ignored this.

Lunchtime - more rice no tablets. She was obviously hungry and tried her best. We have found that Poncho will eat rice if it is in a food bowl...

Last night I decided to allow her some Chappie with the tablets, mixed with a little warm water. This worked a treat. Poor soul must be very hungry now - never seen her lick her bowl so clean.
This was repeated this morning with similar success before her breakfast - more rice.

The tablets are working. We will only know if she is better when the treatment ends...

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