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Friday, March 07, 2008

Knitting Is Like Riding a Bike...

I can't remember how many years it has been since I last did any knitting. This is quite amazing considering how much I used to do.

When we moved up here the wool mountain of Europe, as Paul likes to call it, came with us. I have one large camphor chest, one small handicraft box and one large removal company utility sack all filled with wool that I have accumulated from various holidays. In amongst all that I had one started jumper and one almost complete jumper that had been sitting on the needles for however long. It was probably the latter one that caused my extended break. I had realised I had gone wrong and at the time did not have the heart to work out quite how far back I needed to go.

Yesterday all that changed. I have been wasting far too much of my time hooked on games on my laptop. After clearing my cardbox in the morning rather than wasting half an hour losing at spider solitaire I got the almost finished jumper out of the camphor chest. This was from a pack bought in Iceland way back in 1995. I really cannot remember when I started/stopped working on it. I undid the last round stitch by stitch, counting as I went, and discovered I only had to undo one more round to get back on track. I appear to have skipped a row completely in the pattern.

I then started knitting. And I kept knitting. I had a break to clear my cardbox again. And then continued knitting. Before I knew it I had finished the patterned yoke and was up to the neck. Hmm - this needed to be done on a set of 4 double pointed needles. Luckily I had a set of the right size. And I could remember how to do it...

I had a phone call from Paul, who had been out playing bridge, saying they had overrun so he was only just setting off for home. I kept going. By the time he walked in the door I was just casting off.

I saved the delights of sewing it up until today. I hate this bit - I cannot understand why anyone would buy a knitting machine. At least having been knitted on a round needle it was only really the cuffs and armpits that needed doing.

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